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I dont plan on breaking any laws, I can inflict far more damage by using hateful rhetoric, we still have free speech in this country. As the ponzi schemes written into modern democracies begin to unravel, as inflation gets worse, people will get frustrated and feel like they have nothing to lose. I want to channel that anger.

Oh, now you’re making up areas of expertise for yourself?
I know of no sensible thinker who would agree decide that the emotional needs of lazy sluts who have an IQ of less than 85 (mostly black women) should be such a large duty of the federal government. If someone is too stupid to use a condom, I dont think it represents the pinnacle of wisdom to extend political rights to such a person. the average IQ of black people is less than whites, which is less than asians. This is a fact. I have had friends from Africa, China, Japan, India, the Middle East, South America and none of them think that subsidizing single motherhood is a good idea. Neither would most people have thought this was a good idea 50 years ago. There is absolutely nothing outrageous about my worldview.

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